Saturday, October 01, 2005

Welcome to the 21st century

Earlier this month we looked at the MOMA audio tours allowing website visitors to download the gallery tours in mp3 format before visiting the gallery. All the tours are available to download in full, for free.

The National Gallery in London have now followed suit by, erm.., putting a small sample file online of new tours from the Director and the conservation team. To access the full audio tour you will have to hire equipment from the information desk at the gallery.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Museums Computer Group AGM

World Museum Liverpool
The UK Museums Computer Group's Autumn Meeting and AGM will be held at World Museum Liverpool on 3 November 2005.

Speakers include Loyd Grossman, chair of National Museums Liverpool and 24 Hour Museum, Phil Stenton of Hewlett Packard and various staff members from National Museums Liverpool.

Registration will commence on 26 September.

Invitation to Tender: Manchester City Art Galleries

Marshmallow Love Seat, Manchester Art Galleries
Manchester City Galleries is looking to redevelop its website in order to reflect changing identity and priorities.

Manchester Art Gallery is one of the North West's premier visual arts venues, with a reputation for high quality, friendly and engaging services.

We want our new website to reflect and build on our reputation through the use of high quality visual design, great usability and engaging content.

We will be looking to work with developers with the skills and passion to create a website that:

· makes creative use of our outstanding visual resources

· promotes our identity and organisational priorities

· enables wider online access to the collections

· provides the kind of accessible, friendly welcome that visitors receive in person when they visit our venue

The redevelopment of the website will take place in phases, with this first phase seeing the implementation of a new website content management system, integrating the website content management system with the existing Ke EMu collections management system and putting in place a sound foundation for more advanced web applications in future phases of the project.

The website must be focused on attracting our key audiences of families and schools, whilst incorporating the needs of a wide range of users, including new visitors, students and researchers, business and corporate visitors and tourists.

The closing time and date for applications is midday 11 October 2005.

Interview date for shortlisted applicants is 19 October 2005.

For full details please email Liz Mitchell
or call 0161 235 8817

digits fugit! Preserving Knowledge into the Future

Museums Computer Network
The Museums Computers Network is holding its 33rd annual meeting in Boston 2 - 5 November later this year.

Workshops include 'The Nuts and Bolts of Building a Digital Collection for the Whole Museum', 'Cataloging Cultural Objects Bootcamp', 'Managing a Digitization Project' and 'Content Management Strategies and Systems'.

There are plenty of sessions including 'Using JPEG2000 in Museums in 2005', 'Metadata Standards & Controlled Vocabularies: An International Perspective', 'Innovative Access to Collections on the Web: Connecting the Physical Museum Visit with the Online Collection through Personalization, Handhelds, RFID, and Accoustiguide', 'Metadata Standards for Collaborative Digitization Projects', 'The Digital Museum in the Life of the User', 'STEVE: a tool for exploring folksonomy in the museum'.