Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Untold London

Untold London
Untold London is a new website from the Museum of London.

The expansiveness of the listings covering 'events and exhibitions across London that explore culturally diverse history' undermines the 'untold london' title of the website, it seems that these stories and histories are being told all over London by all kinds of fantastic organisations.

Great use is made of the database system, allowing users to specify events by timeframe and subject, see this search for 'events and exhibitions relating to the Caribbean in the next week'.

The collections section is relatively straightforward, archives currently has four articles concerning past exhibitions, hopefully it will be updated in the future.

Untold London is a collaboration between a number of organisations with experience in the London history and heritage sector and is based at the Museum of London.

24 Hour Museum
are 'consultants' to the project, providing technology and backup data. The clear and concise design of the site is very similar to that of 24 Hour Museum and its city guides and excels in usability and accessibility in the way we have come to expect from this group. Indeed, it is hard to see what new material this website contains that couldn't otherwise be accessed from within 24 Hour Museum.

Credits on the About Us page


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