Monday, September 12, 2005

Rodin Sketchbook

'Young woman in a floral hat', RodinYesterday's image of 'The Thinker' from San Francisco's Legion of Honor Museum got us looking for Rodin features online this morning.

Philadelphia's Rodin Museum owns The Mastbaum Album, a sketchbook which provides the most complete record of Rodin's early draftmanship. As part of the museum's 75th anniversary this year, they created an online interactive allowing everyone to see the whole of the sketchbook in detail.

There are 72 sketches in all and the interactive works intuitively and simply. The flash-only design is unfortunate and unnecesary, betraying its joint development as a kiosk interactive for the museum itself. Credits.

Musée Rodin in Paris has the usual nausea-inducing 360 degree quicktime panoramas and an extensive English language collections section.


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