Monday, September 19, 2005

Postcodes Project

The Postcodes Project, Museum of London
The Museum of London have launched an excellent new website - the Postcodes Project.

The Postcodes Project is a new resource aimed at adults with an interest in local history. It showcases a wide variety of objects from the Museum's collections, highlighting one for each London postcode area. In addition there are numerous links to local museums, libraries, archives and adult education centres to encourage people to get more involved in local heritage.

The layout of the postcode pages is excellent with plenty of links, both internal and external, laid out clearly and attractively (e.g. E4). Users can submit their own stories to accompany each section.

Strong accessibility guidelines have been adhered to throughout, with usability benefiting rather than being sacrificed.

Users can tour the objects thematically, 'Caring for life - and death', 'Fashions old & new', 'Food & drink', 'Politics & policing', etc.. YOu can also tour by object or by period.

This is one of the best new projects of the year and it will be interesting to see how the interactive elements, the user-submitted stories, develop over time.



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