Sunday, September 25, 2005

digits fugit! Preserving Knowledge into the Future

Museums Computer Network
The Museums Computers Network is holding its 33rd annual meeting in Boston 2 - 5 November later this year.

Workshops include 'The Nuts and Bolts of Building a Digital Collection for the Whole Museum', 'Cataloging Cultural Objects Bootcamp', 'Managing a Digitization Project' and 'Content Management Strategies and Systems'.

There are plenty of sessions including 'Using JPEG2000 in Museums in 2005', 'Metadata Standards & Controlled Vocabularies: An International Perspective', 'Innovative Access to Collections on the Web: Connecting the Physical Museum Visit with the Online Collection through Personalization, Handhelds, RFID, and Accoustiguide', 'Metadata Standards for Collaborative Digitization Projects', 'The Digital Museum in the Life of the User', 'STEVE: a tool for exploring folksonomy in the museum'.


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